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Light-duty truck customization and repairs

Since 2013, Rollin’ Coal Customs has proudly helped inhabitants of the greater Metro Detroit area with all of their light-duty truck customizations and repairs.

With a combined 25 years of experience under their belts, the experts at Rollin’ Coal Customs are not only well educated and trained, but more importantly passionate about the work that they do. As light-duty truck enthusiasts, our technicians genuinely care about the projects we undertake within our shop. We take a great amount of intricate time and effort to produce top tier, durable and safe products, complete with high-quality parts at affordable prices.

Chuck and his crew aim to keep customers updated and informed throughout the building and repair process. The vision at Rollin Coal Customs is to treat all customers like family. The ultimate goal with each and every job is to produce a vehicle that both he and his employees would allow their own families to drive or ride alongside in. We proudly boast an active community of people who have previously purchased from us.

Rollin Coal Customs

Community Involvement

The team at Rollin’ Coal Customs is proudly committed to helping to improve and advance the communities in which we serve. We work diligently to organize events that connect us with customers, both old and new. Our annual “Dyno Day” brings together people from near and far to showcase their trucks and horsepower.


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